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Poster Session Presenters and titles of the posters:

  1. Anne-Katharina Weilenmann. Information Science and Neuroscience – an interaction?
  2. Barbara Niedźwiedzka. Internet discussion fora – good source of knowledge about health information needs and behaviour? Linguistic analysis of discussion fora for people with depression
  3. Isto Huvila, Heidi Enwald, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Noora Hirvonen and Helena Känsäkoski. Taking health information behaviour into account in the development of e-health services
  4. Jenny Bronstein, Noa Aharony and Judit Bar-Ilan. Emotionally Based Discourse in the Use of Social Networking Sites as Political Platforms
  5. Jette Hyldegaard, Thomas Harboe, Camilla Rump and Jesper Bruun. Educational leaders’ information seeking behavior and problem solving – an explorative study
  6. Johanna Rivano Eckerdal. Variations of information literacy and different views on democracy and citizenship
  7. John Mowbray, Hazel Hall, Robert Raeside and Peter Robertson. The impact of networking supported by social media during job search: an information science perspective
  8. Ksenija Švenda-Radeljak and Lucija Vejmelka. The virtual environment on Department of Social Work, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb : e- learning and e-library
  9. Lyndsey Jenkins, Hazel Hall and Robert Raeside. Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland
  10. Makiko Miwa, Nozomi Ikeya, Shunsaku Tamura, Chie Suga, Chikako Yamaki, Tomoko Takayama. Cancer Patients’ Perceptions and Expectations of Health and Medical Information Services in Japan’s Public Libraries
  11. Min-Chun Ku. Advantages and Limitations of Employing Qualitative Citation Analysis to Investigate the Associations Among Tasks, Genres, and Credibility in the Context of University Teaching
  12. Nafiz Shuva. Everyday Life Information Behaviour of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women in Canada
  13. Noora Hirvonen, Heidi Enwald, Anne-Kathrin Mayer, Raija Korpelainen, Riitta Pyky, Tuire Salonurmi, Markku Savolainen, Cathrine Nengomasha, Ruth Abankwah, Wilhelm Uutoni and Maija-Leena Huotari. Validating the factorial structure of the everyday health information literacy screening tool in three different populations
  14. Sylwia Frankowska-Takhari, Andrew Macfarlane and Ayşe Göker. Identifying components of real-life illustration tasks in online journalism for use in simulated work task scenarios
  15. Tamara Heck - Information behaviour of scientists and the influence of social network patterns
  16. Yasuko Hagiwara, Emi Ishita, Emiko Mizutani, Yukiko Watanabe and Yoichi Tomiura. A Preliminary Study and Analysis to Identify Key Elements in Document Selection
  17. Youngchoon Chun, Jiho Yi and Yoojin Lee. A Study on the Behaviors in Information Seeking by KAERI Researchers

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