Ian Ruthven Ian Ruthven

Ian Ruthven, Ph.D.


Department of Computer and Information Sciences

University of Strathclyde


Ian Ruthven is a Professor of Information Seeking and Retrieval in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde. He works across the areas of information seeking and retrieval; understanding how and why people search for information and how digital information systems might help them search more successfully. This brings in a wide range of research including information seeking studies, theoretical research on the design and modelling of information access systems, empirical research on interfaces and user interaction and research on the methodology of evaluating information access systems. His recent research has focussed on the positives and negatives of information seeking experiences with several studies on barriers to successful information seeking amongst marginalised groups (such as young mothers, homeless men, immigrants) and studies of how information can be used to positively to improve human happiness, enhance experiences of cultural heritage and connect people. More information at: https://www.strath.ac.uk/staff/ruthvenianprof/

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