Understanding information sharing behaviour of millennials in large multinational organisations (MNO): a research in progress

Introduction. This research in progress paper explores the organisational information sharing practices of the millennial generation. Although information sharing practices by these digital natives within large organizations are important and will only become more so, there is still a distinct lack of theoretical and empirical research to explain how exactly they share information and the congruence of their practice with organisational systems
Method. A social constructivist and qualitative perspective is taken and the methodological and analytical framework for the study will use activity theory taking information sharing practices as the activity system(s) within the large multinational organization setting. Techniques and methods including semi-structured interviews, observations, think-aloud and document analysis will be used to investigate the case setting.
Analysis. Data analysis will be conducted within Nvivo using techniques drawn from grounded theory to help to build understanding.
Results. It is expected that there will be areas where the information sharing practices of the Millennials will differ from those of older generations. This mismatch is likely to mean that systems designed for and by older workers will cause tensions and contradictions in the information sharing practice of the Millennials.
Conclusions. The research aims to identify areas where the information sharing practices of large multinational organizations may need to be adapted (or may have been adapted informally) to meet the information behaviours of the millennial generation.

Keywords. Information Sharing, Decision Making, Millennials, Generation Y, ICT Tools, Formal and Informal Network

Contexts of information sharing
Location: Aula Magna Date: September 22, 2016 Time: 5:20 pm - 5:40 pm Farhanis Binti Datuk Mohammad Alistair Norman